Albert Di Rienzo to lecture on multiple, interrelated topics to Dr. Surabhi Raina’s Biotechnology 463 class at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, on Thursday, 05 November 2015

Biotechnology is an exciting, highly diverse, and highly sought-after expertise, with applications in the biotech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and environmental industries as well as academia and government. While many of these fields-of-use have complex and unresolved challenges, the satisfaction from positively impacting humanity is substantial, and one’s career can be quite rewarding.

During Di Rienzo’s lecture to mostly juniors and seniors in Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering, approximately forty-five minutes will be presentation, which will include a highlight of his thirty-year career in the biomedical and biotech industries as well as related fields; a general overview of the industry; and an overview of career choices and opportunities – highlighting some of the exciting accomplishments, and the new developments in the field via multiple examples. Following Di Rienzo’s presentation, there will be approximately thirty minutes of questions and discussion.

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