Albert Di Rienzo to lecture to Syracuse University Law School students on life science innovation and intellectual property at the New York State Science & Technology Law Center at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, on Thursday, 24 September 2015

Life Science innovation can be a complex, costly, and time consuming endeavor, which includes protecting the intellectual property that forms the bases for an innovation. This requires an understanding of the breadth and depth of Life Science innovation, the market, competition, regulation, workflow, user experience, unique selling proposition, intellectual property strategy, and many other factors.

During Di Rienzo’s ninety minute, highly interactive lecture to second and third year law students at the New York State Science & Technology Law Center at Syracuse University, multiple Life Science innovation examples will be presented, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, software applications, and combinational innovations at different stages of success – covering early stage through commercialization. For some of the innovations presented, their unique value proposition will be discussed as well as the accompanying intellectual property strategy.

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