Albert Di Rienzo to speak on “Creating and Sustaining a Biomedical Culture of Innovation” at the 2015 INCmty, which is being held at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico

Innovation and entrepreneurship are frequently used terms in academic, government and industry settings concerning the realization of differentiation, profitability, economic development, improved quality-of-life, and even wealth.  The meaning of these terms seem to hold great promise, yet are often quite illusive.  Why is research to translation so difficult, and how can translation be achieved within diverse settings?

These questions, and more will be tackled during Di Rienzo’s keynote at this year’s INCmty Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference, being held at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico.  Radicle Innovation’s President & CEO, Albert Di Rienzo, was invited to be a speaker by the Chief Executive of INCmty, and the Institute of Entrepreneurship at Tecnológico de Monterrey to deliver his presentation entitled, “Creating and Sustaining a Biomedical Culture of Innovation.”  During his presentation, Di Rienzo will provide specific examples of how one can create and sustain radical and breakthrough life science innovations within diverse operational environments.  Doing so is achievable via institutionalizing certain foundational components and behavioral attributes.  Some highlights to be included are:

  • Attributes of an Innovation Culture
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Examples of Successful, Diverse Innovations

About Radicle Innovation

Radicle Innovation is a privately-held, for-profit company with the proven ability to successfully translate life science and healthcare innovations by leveraging its extensive capabilities, resources, and global collaboration network – productively engaging diverse entities (academic, government, industry), regardless of their operational maturity.  Radicle Innovation enables those with an entrepreneurial spirt to achieve results in a timely, creative, and cost-effective manner via an agile fusion of art, science, technology and business – maximizing all resources to ensure those opportunities demonstrating great promise of translation are fully engaged and flourishing.  For more information on Radicle Innovation, please visit

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