IMEC Technology Forum HealthCare 2016 at Johns Hopkins University

With the Capital Region (South Central Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia) moving aggressively toward becoming one of the United States' top Life Science, Biotechnology, and High-technology regions, which is experiencing unprecedented economic development and growth, IMEC and Johns Hopkins collaborated to bring the region an exclusive event for business leaders, biomedical experts and visionaries in healthcare and nanotechnology.

Albert Di Rienzo, President & CEO of Radicle Innovation, attended the forum, which provided insights into fast evolving R&D on the border between healthcare and nanotech, with a specific interest in solving current and future healthcare challenges. In addition, this event had remarkable networking for those interested in considering an  interdisciplinary approach to fostering a supportive ecosystem that leads to successful novel healthcare treatment and detection solutions.  Some of the topics discussed were: how to align developments in nanotechnology with evolving trends in healthcare; how the internet of things will enable continuum of care; and how to free valuable health information from current silos.

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