Rutgers University HealthAdvance

Radicle Innovation President & CEO, Albert Di Rienzo, has been selected by Rutgers University HealthAdvanceTM as a Mentor-in-Residence - part of Rutgers Optimizes Innovation (ROI), which was established upon the Univeristy's prestigious designation as one of the Research Evaluation And Commercialization Hubs (“REACH Hubs”) by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in September 2019.  ROI aims to support the development of early-stage life sciences technologies through commercialization grants and entrepreneurship education for the next generation of academic innovators, thereby, making Di Rienzo an excellent Mentor-in-Residence selection - given his extensive academic, government, and industry life science experiences.  With a $4 million grant from the NIH, and an equal match committed by the University, Rutgers is accelerating the commercialization of innovative healthcare solutions being developed by University researchers, where HealthAdvanceTM serves as ROI's application solicitation, processing and program management platform.  Radicle Innovation is extremely excited to be part of helping translate Rutgers University life science innovations.  Di Rienzo, a 35 year industry veteran has served as a Rutgers University TechAdvanceTM reviewer and advisor since the program's inception in 2016, thereby, having excellent familiarity with, and exposure to the University's life science oriented research.  For more information on ROI, please visit, and for more information on the TechAdvanceTM, please visit