SUNY Upstate's Biotech Accelerator

Radicle Innovation President, Albert Di Rienzo, has been approved as both a Mentor, and Service Provider for SUNY Upstate's Biotech Accelerator.  CNYBAC Mentors share constructive and impactful wisdom with the Accelerator's entrepreneurial clients who are ultimately developing innovations for commercialization.  Mentor Meet-ups are scheduled by the CNYBAC Building Manager at the Mentor's convenience, and are held via conference call, at the Mentor's place of business, or at the CNYBAC.  Presently, Radicle Innovation will provide mentoring in the areas of commercialization, funding, and translational research.  As a CNYBAC Service Provider, Radicle Innovation is a resource for the Accelerator's clients, enabling those with an entrepreneurial spirt to achieve results in a timely, creative, and cost-effective manner via an agile fusion of art, science, technology and business.  Radicle Innovation is excited to help further the CNYBAC mission.  For more information on SUNY Upstate’s Biotech Accelerator, please visit